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Student Life in China

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Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB) is the place where my student life in China has begun. Study abroad does not seem to be easy, I have realized after facing this with myself. Almost 2 years in China reminding me, the timing of life is very precious. I am a Thai student who came to China for study master’s degree. I came to China with no background in the Chinese language. At first, the life here was not easy because of the differences of language and culture. I have learned so many new things for starting my student life here. Anyhow, I got a lot of helps from my Thai senior students, teacher and Chinese friends, they gave me a hand that made things much easier for me, I really appreciate to all their help. After 4 months in Kunming, I have been to Beijing for taking the classes at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). Beijing is ahistoric city, richest civilization and convenient lifestyle. I have so much fun when I was in Beijing with all the courses I have learned and the friendship I have known.

There are many courses that I had to study for gaining the credits including the Chinese courses, this course is one of the most useful courses for daily life in China. Chinese language is one of the big challenges, it is something new and I need a lot of practice. Throughout the course, I have improving my Chinese the communication could not be the big problem anymore. At least I can communicate with the Chinese people much better than before. During 4 months, I had a chance to meet the foreigner students from other institute under UCAS. The friendship was beautiful there. We had to learn something new together, and we have exchanged our knowledge and our own culture to each other, exchanging our culture, just getting to know what we have never known and open up our world. After I finished the courses in Beijing, it is time to go back to Kunming, which spending time focus on the research work.

Life in China is much easier after I have learned some Chinese, the communication did not a big deal as before. The people here are quite friendly, even we are a stranger, they often give me a hand when I need assistance. I am enjoying learning and gaining experiences in China. KIB has a lovely garden that always lively with several paints in different season, the seasonal is creating a unique scene of the garden. It is not only beautiful but useful as well, the people usually come to exercise and relax in the garden. After the stressful day, just walk around and see them made me feel relax. Spring is the season of life the plants sprout and blooming, creating the beautiful scene. KIB is a very good place for study, which the laboratory has fully equipped with the instruments required to conduct a research. Moreover, the herbarium has enriched the specimens’ collection with over one millions specimens, or this would call the second biggest herbarium in China. Thus, all these things are very helpful for my research work.

However, student life is not a bed of roses. Obstacles, failure, stress and anxiety could not deny, “No pain no gain”. To reach the goal of the study, working hard and try harder would be the keys. Sometime not everything would go in the way that we have expected but we just need to learn and adapt to those environments. I would love to continue doing my work and trying my best. I will keep gaining all these experiences as much as I can and keep moving a step forward. In order to make these study period memorable.


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