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Life in China and Kunming Institute of Botany- The lovely chapter in life

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I had a dream to study abroad from my School life. After a long-awaited, it realized in September 2014 by admitting as a PhD student at UCAS affiliated with KIB. The reason why I choose China is that China is the country of early civilization, the first growing and leading position in world class research. If I want to say about the feelings and experiences of China and KiB, it will come back the memories of those days of Beijing. In short, the first day of my foreign life was full of excitement with new place and with new food habits. On the first day, I went out with my friend to buy some necessities, we asked one Chinese friend to help us and he answered what we did not understand, even we asked some other friends and the same situation was happened. Somehow we are managed by a Chinese student. We felt difficulties when we ordered foods in the restaurant. During those days, I had many experiences in Beijing. But after started the language class, I was feeling happy because I could manage many things like order of foods in the restaurant, visiting market and places, asking taxi and so on. After completing the course works in Beijing, I came to Kunming-a beautiful city with charming weather so called the city of spring. The next day, I reported to the graduate office and welcomed by Ms. Shen Yi Laoshi and Ms. Zeng Yanmei Laoshi and later by my lab members. From the beginning in the lab felt very comfortable because, everybody here is helpful and very friendly. They always help me whenever I face any problem. The graduate office is also very helpful; they always help to students if anyone faces any problem. Our laboratory and KIB have sufficient research facilities and strong research teams for conducing world class research. I participated in various co-curriculum activities organized by KIB and UCAS.

These days in Kunming is passing very nice because I can speak a little bit Chinese so there is no problem to buy something in the market or communicate with people. By this time, I have visited some lovely places in Kunming and enjoying the delicious foods of Yunnan. As a graduate student, sometime I face some critical situations in research; however always try to solve them. But if I want to say about the life in China and Kunming, in a word it is an unforgettable chapter in my life. I will never forget my mentor Professor Liu Aizhong who welcomed me at Kunming airport for the first time. As a supervisor or as a person he is unparalleled. After all, the time will end here but not the memories.


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